What do Rebecca's clients think?

Senior Vice President

'Rebecca brings extensive scientific, strategic and practical support to a team - usually when we need it most due to rapid expansion. She rapidly gets to grips with what's needed and delivers high quality support just when it's needed'

Strategic Communications Director

'Rebecca is one of the best freelancers I have worked with during over 15 years in the med comms industry. She is pragmatic and highly focused on the timely delivery of high quality material. However, with Rebecca you get something else beyond just delivery of contracted work, you get a whole new dedicated and committed member of your team. No matter how small the project, Rebecca applies a wider view of how it fits into the account and what the final client and audience requirements are. She embeds herself in the thinking of the team, and is indistinguishable from internal staff; and in this respect I would trust her implicitly in a client-facing role. Rebecca's approach means that she provides another level of service that very few freelancers are able to; I highly recommend her'

Scientific Director

'Rebecca puts her heart and soul into everything she works on. She demonstrates leadership and accountability on her projects and is incredibly organised and efficient. Rebecca's work is always very high quality and she asks intelligent questions. Rebecca can turn her hand to anything, including publications, medical affairs, meeting delivery, and strategic projects. She is excellent at supporting junior writers in their development and giving constructive feedback when reviewing their work. Rebecca is very professional and excels in client-facing situations. A genuine team player who goes above and beyond' 

Training Programme Director

'Reliable, efficient and consistently produces work of high quality - one of the best in the business and a pleasure to work with'

Medical Writer

'I had the great pleasure of working with Rebecca at the beginning of my career in medical communications. Rebecca is a quality medical writer, an exceptional team leader, a diligent mentor, and has a positive impact on anyone lucky enough to work with her'

Senior Editorial Assistant

'Rebecca's an excellent team player and I really enjoyed my time working with her. She has clear oversight of all projects, provides guidance to more junior writers, goes the 'extra mile' and remains calm under pressure. I hope we get to work together again in the future!'